Welcome at HET Elastomertechnik GmbH

We are one of the leading suppliers of elastic products made from recycling material. We produce moulded parts for a wide range of uses and customers – for municipalities and telecommunications providers, for industry and track construction, and for sports and leisure.

If your line of business has not been listed here, let us know. Our competent and internationally oriented team will be glad to advise you on all questions concerning the development and manufacture of new products in your sector.

Our website is continually updated and expanded. Come by again – we look forward to your visit.



Our products for sports and leisure activities:

Tee-off mats, ball dispensers, safety tiles, paving for riding stables, etc.

Our products for track construction:

Filler blocks, level crossing systems, elastic mats for laying under entire superstructure, etc.

Our products for industrial uses:

Non-slip mats, self-adhesive strips, mats and blocks for vibration decoupling, building protection, etc.

Our services for customers and partners:

Development of customer tailored solutions, materials testing, assistance with installation and use (also direct on-site).

Our products for mobile communications:

Cable management tracks for HF and fibre optic cables, bridging plates, barrier systems, etc.

Our products for urban and municipal use:

Posts and bollards in many different designs, traffic guidance systems, speed humps for traffic-calmed areas, etc.