Company Profile

HET Elastomertechnik GmbH was established in 1991 as a joint project of Heidelberger Zement AG (now HeidelbergCement AG) and the Renner family. The Renner family looks back on a long tradition of production using recycled rubber granulate from tyre manufacturing. Gerd Renner, father of the present managing director and a pioneer in the field, was one of the first to come up with the idea of mixing rubber granulate with a polyurethane adhesive (PU) binder for the industrial production of mouldings. The company Servisport in France was set up for this purpose as early as 1982.

With the active support of Heidelberger Zement AG, the new company very soon became established as a leader in the production of special mouldings.

HET Elastomertechnik GmbH, together with its distribution partners, has built up and maintained a leading position, especially in the field of track construction.

In 1994 the management of HET Elastomertechnik GmbH decided to transfer its entire production to Prague. Since that time this competitive production base – safeguarded by our subsidiary Pragoelast sro – has ensured HET a valuable advantage of location. The acquisition in 2007 of our subsidiaries PHP S.A.R.L. in the South of France and Master Segurisol s.l.u. in Spain established our presence in these markets and opened up new product areas. At the present time, customised products are being marketed for the industrial sector, the building trade, track construction, mobile communications, games and leisure pursuits throughout the whole of Europe.

For over 20 years, both at home and abroad, HET Elastomertechnik GmbH has been producing and selling elastic products of all kinds based on recycled materials, thus making an important contribution to environmental protection and resource conservation. We are constantly developing new systems and products designed to make leisure and everyday activities easier and safer. Our customers benefit greatly from our experience and diversity. Our activities concentrate mainly playgrounds, sports grounds, various leisure activities, and safety items for the industrial sector, construction sites and urban road and rail transport. We look forward to welcoming you as one of our customers. Get in touch with us and we will help to identify the best solutions for your particular requirements.


Our products for sports and leisure activities:

Tee-off mats, ball dispensers, safety tiles, paving for riding stables, etc.

Our products for track construction:

Filler blocks, level crossing systems, elastic mats for laying under entire superstructure, etc.

Our products for industrial uses:

Non-slip mats, self-adhesive strips, mats and blocks for vibration decoupling, building protection, etc.

Our services for customers and partners:

Development of customer tailored solutions, materials testing, assistance with installation and use (also direct on-site).

Our products for mobile communications:

Cable management tracks for HF and fibre optic cables, bridging plates, barrier systems, etc.

Our products for urban and municipal use:

Posts and bollards in many different designs, traffic guidance systems, speed humps for traffic-calmed areas, etc.