Product Philosophy

Our mouldings are made of high-grade rubber granulates of exactly specified particle sizes and qualities, obtained from recycled tyres and bonded with a special polyurethane binder.

To guarantee the product characteristics of our mouldings, their densification is adapted for each specific use.

Within the framework of our integrated QM system (certified to ISO 9001 and 14001), constant checks are carried out on all raw materials and the sources of supply. The raw materials used are obtained only from certified companies in the EU area. Additional documentation can be provided on request. To enable us to guarantee a uniformly high quality standard, our mouldings are produced industrially. Our products are environmentally neutral and do not give off any substances harmful to health or the environment. Our leisure products also comply, among other things, with the stringent toy safety norm DIN EN 71.

And, of course, the use of recycling materials – together with the 100 percent recyclability of the products themselves – ensures a positive life cycle assessment and makes an effective contribution to environmental protection.


Our products for sports and leisure activities:

Tee-off mats, ball dispensers, safety tiles, paving for riding stables, etc.

Our products for track construction:

Filler blocks, level crossing systems, elastic mats for laying under entire superstructure, etc.

Our products for industrial uses:

Non-slip mats, self-adhesive strips, mats and blocks for vibration decoupling, building protection, etc.

Our services for customers and partners:

Development of customer tailored solutions, materials testing, assistance with installation and use (also direct on-site).

Our products for mobile communications:

Cable management tracks for HF and fibre optic cables, bridging plates, barrier systems, etc.

Our products for urban and municipal use:

Posts and bollards in many different designs, traffic guidance systems, speed humps for traffic-calmed areas, etc.