The KFBxx cable management track provides a safe and easy method of laying HF cables. It is made entirely of rubber, thus ensuring mechanical protection of both sealings and insulations. The HF cable rests securely in its groove, where it is shielded against external mechanical influences. The KFBxx cable management track is tread resistant and has grooves or channels to accommodate 7/8", 1 1/4" or 1 5/8" cable, depending on the model. Its low profile of only 90 mm offers a number of other useful advantages.


The cable management tracks are easy to handle and can laid without any difficulty on the subsurface. The elements, which are 1,000 mm in length, are joined together with the connectors provided. ELTECPUR Elastomer mouldings and tiles are suitable for use on all subsurfaces. They can be laid loosely on bituminous sealings or bonded with a special adhesive (check for suitability!). If there is plasticiser in the insulation foil, it will not migrate at temperatures up to +40 °C. To be on the safe side, it is advisable beforehand to lay a PP100 nonwoven fabric as a separating layer between insulation foil and ELTEC Elastomer mouldings. In the case of flat roofs with gravel loading. the gravel should be stored along the side before the cable tracks are laid. After they have been laid, the gravel should be loaded up to the cable tracks.


Our mouldings are made of high-grade rubber granulates of exactly specified particle sizes and qualities, obtained from recycled tyres and bonded with a special polyurethane binder. The high compaction of the mouldings serves to safeguard the properties of the product. Regular checks are carried out on all raw materials and sources of supply within the framework of our integrated QM system (certified to ISO 9000). The raw materials used are obtained only from certified companies in the EU area. Additional documentation can be made available on request. The industrial production of our mouldings guarantees a uniformly high quality standard. Our products are environmentally neutral and do not give off substances harmful to health or the environment. The use of recycled materials makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection.


Standard colour black
Weight: from 17 to 24 kg/item and type
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