Fig.: ELTECPUR® FILLER BLOCK SYSTEMS for Ri54G2 compatible rails. Two-piece construction for use in street tracks

Because of sharpened environmental awareness and clearer recognition of the advantages for urban mobility, rail-bound transport with modern vehicles and innovative traffic control systems has taken on considerable importance. Optimised harmonisation between rolling stock and track construction, together with measures to reduce shocks and vibrations (air-borne and solid-borne sound) emitted by the superstructure, make valuable contributions to environmental protection. With regard to the effectiveness of vibration-damping track bedding systems, important factors which should not be left out of account are the geological and constructional factors prevailing at the particular site, and also the processing of the blocks. Processing errors can reduce effectiveness considerably.

ELTECPUR® Level Crossing Systems

Fig.: ELTECPUR® Level crossing system for 50 E2 vignol rail in concrete

The ELTECPUR® level crossing systems consist of elastic slab elements for vignol rails and grooved rails. They vary in their construction depending on the load in question, and are designed only for pedestrians, cars and light goods traffic.