ELTECPUR® Level Crossing Systems

Fig.: ELTECPUR® Level crossing system for 50 E2 vignol rail in concrete

The ELTECPUR® level crossing systems consist of elastic slab elements for vignol rails and grooved rails. They vary in their construction depending on the load in question, and are designed only for pedestrians, cars and light goods traffic.

Fig.: ELTECPUR® Level crossing system for 49 E1 vignol rail on ballast


Fig.: ELTECPUR® Level crossing system for 50 E2 vignol rail in concrete

Fig.: ELTECPUR® Level crossing system for 50 E2 vignol rail in concrete



Road-rail intersections are discontinuities which frequently present problems due to the combined use of the thoroughfare. HET Elastomertechnik has taken on this challenge and come up with solutions for its customers. The use of various elastomer profiles allows gaps of the necessary width and depth to provide level and, as far as possible, smooth traffic movements.


Making use of the most recent technology, the ELTECPUR® level crossing systems have been designed to provide road users, e.g. pedestrians, with a safe and as far as possible even crossing over tram tracks. Even in stretches with grooveless rail tracks, a combination of suitable filler blocks ensuring the required width and depth of the gap can make the use of guide rails or grooved rails unnecessary at pedestrian or vehicle crossings. The individual systems are fitted accurately into each particular type of superstructure. After consultation with the customer, the exact dimensions required will be measured on site.

The crossing will then be created with the desired geometry, suitable surface patterns and an individual colouring. The systems can be installed in conic form even in narrow radius curves. The individual systems are installed with light lifting gear. If necessary and so ordered, they can be installed regardless of the sleeper spacing.


The individual systems and their components are produced from a mixture of recycled rubber granules, cable rubber and rubber powders. High-grade polyurethane is used as binder. These mixtures have been developed in accordance with precise manufacturing formulae and are monitored, tested and documented in the same way as the production process for various kinds of concrete or asphalt.
The homogeneity and quality of the end product is also guaranteed for these recycled materials by constant monitoring. All materials used are free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
All work processes, developments and documentations comply with the requirements of DIN EN 9001 ff.
In particular, all listed and guaranteed properties of the product have been confirmed by test certificates from independent experts or institutes. Apart from this, the products have proved their quality and properties throughout Europe for more than ten years.


With its experience in the development of many different types of crossings, Heidelberger Elastomertechnik GmbH (HET) has now successfully developed constructions allowing pedestrians and cyclists to cross tram tracks safely. Our process guarantees low tolerances and makes the area of the crossing geometrically constant. The new ELTECPUR® crossing systems can be installed in a short time and without the need for special tools.