ELTECPUR®-Elastik Safety Paving

Fig.: ELTECPUR®-Elastik Safety Paving as large module


Since there are so many different possibilities for the design of playgrounds, multigenerational recreation areas and private or public pathways, there is all the more reason why such areas should offer good protection against fall impact. At the present time a great variety of safety mats are available for the construction of playgrounds and pathways. They differ in the material from which they are produced, and by their form and function. As a rule they consist of concrete or asphalt, or alternatively of natural coverings or plastic. The ELTECPUR-Elastik safety paving from HET Elastomertechnik is a path-breaking alternative to traditional designs for public areas.

Our safety mats have definite advantages with regard to maintenance costs and mandatory safety standards. In particular, their excellent elastic properties bring about an enormous reduction of injuries.

Fig.: ELTECPUR®-Elastik Safety paving single stones

They do not only cushion falls, they also absorb part of the impact energy. Thus, in addition to their long service-life, the Elastik safety pavings offer protection against fall impact and possess good slip resistance. Thanks to their very high stability, the elements are produced without metal parts inside for reinforcement.

The pavers are laid on a compacted, frost-resistant subsurface on a gravel bed. They can be easily laid either permanently or only temporarily. They are also available in various colours to fit their purpose.

  • One slab (ca 700 × 840 mm) is made up of 18 connected stones (ca 200 × 160 mm)
  • Thickness: 40 mm
  • Weight: ca 38 kg/m²