Our Mission Statement


Our customers and their needs are at the heart of everything we do. After all, satisfied customers are crucial for the success of our company. We view the success of our customers as our success as well, so we do everything in our power to offer the greatest possible benefits and advantages. Our closeness to our customers enables us to anticipate their needs and promptly adapt to them. We are appreciated as a qualified business partner because of our expert advice and support, as well as our reliability. Reliability is the basis of our relationship with our customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues. We achieve this by delivering the highest quality to our customers and partners. We are innovative: We identify future developments at an early stage, actively shaping them and developing solutions that benefit our customers. This ensures we remain attractive and successful in the long term. We take criticism and suggestions from our customers seriously, and respond to them.


The environment and our community

We believe responsibility for the environment is a central issue in our society. The HET group takes this into account to a large extent, manufacturing products using recycling materials. Our products are manufactured in an eco-friendly process without substances harmful for the environment, and are in turn recyclable themselves. By using measures that save resources both in production and administration, we actively contribute to protecting the environment. As a company, we have a responsibility to the community in which we live. Our products are an expression of this responsibility.


Business partners

We treat our business partners and suppliers as partners and equals. Successful long-term relationships can only be established by ensuring a fair balance of interests for all parties involved.



We bear a great responsibility towards our employees. It is important to us to take the uniqueness of each employee into account. We respect their dignity and their contributions to the company. The remuneration of our employees needs to be fair and commensurate; the working conditions clean, orderly and safe. Employees are free to make recommendations and express criticism. Every employee must have the opportunity to develop, and to be encouraged and supported. We ensure a culture of open information and communication. We encourage creativity and continuous learning. We expect mutual loyalty, support and reliability from each other at our company. Management must demonstrate competency and make fair and ethical decisions.



Ultimately, we also have a responsibility to our shareholders. Companies must generate a healthy return. With this in mind, we experiment with new ideas, drive developments forward, initiate innovation programs and launch new products on the market. Reasonable prices and continuous cost reduction represent a major challenge here. Reserves and accruals must be built up for difficult times. If we take these principles to heart, our shareholders will earn a fair return.