The Company

In 1991, the year our company was founded, our focus was on the idea of manufacturing eco-friendly products. And that has not changed to this day. Whether it is for the sports and recreation sector, represented by our ELTECPUR® sport and ELTECPUR® play divisions, for our core sector of track construction in the ELTECPUR® rail division, or for industry and traffic safety, represented by ELTECPUR® industry and ELTECPUR® city, HET GmbH offers you attractive and innovative products where sustainability and protecting the environment are always a priority.

Who is HET?

  • The HET Group includes three locations today: Wiesbaden (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic) and Dieuze (France).
  • We also have numerous partnerships and representations in Europe and overseas.
  • We have a highly motivated team of experts, a dedicated management team and, above all, customers around the world who have come to appreciate our products and service throughout the years.
  • We have over 3,000 product references in track construction.