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Discover our comprehensive ELTECPUR® rail solutions
of elastic products made of recycled materials for rail traffic.

More mobility on the road.

Our customized comprehensive solution for streetcar tracks: TRAVETTO INPLACE-B and INPLACE-UTA Track Systems.


Have more fun playing.

You’re always on the safe side with our fall protection tiles from the ELTECPUR® play product range. Just see for yourself.

In sports, the journey itself is the destination.

Our products in the ELTECPUR® sport range offer you the right foundation for making maximum progress.

Sicher in der Höhe dank Elastomertechnik.

Working up on the roof: Discover the possibilities of our ELTECPUR® roof products.

Easily set boundaries in public areas.

Barrier elements and guidance systems are very helpful in urban settings. Our solution: ELTECPUR® city. Just see for yourself.


Occupational safety thanks to elastomer technology.

Anti-vibration, securing cargo, building protection: Discover the versatile products in our ELTECPUR® industry range.



HET is your specialist for elastomer technology and particularly for slab tracks when it comes to track construction. Our product portfolio covers applications for the sectors of track construction, recreation, sports, mobile communications, city and industry, and provides a solution for any challenge.

  • Under the product line ELTECPUR® rail you will find our products for of rail filling systems, level crossings and elastic mats.
  • Fall protection needs in the recreational sector are met by our ELTECPUR® play products.
  • Under ELTECPUR® sport you will find ideal solutions for fitness, golf, shooting and equestrian sports.
  • We offer the right products for the challenges of working up high in our ELTECPUR® roof product range.
  • When it comes to safety in road traffic and fitting solutions, our ELTECPUR® city product range has what you need.
  • Transport safety is one of the major areas of use for our ELTECPUR® industry products.
  • The product line TRAVETTO Track Systems includes our products for the field of streetcar tracks.

Discover our different product sectors and find exactly the right product for your specific application.