Curbs/Separation Bars

ELTECPUR® city Curbs/Separation Bars


As a result of increasing urban traffic, safe traffic flows are absolutely essential. ELTECPUR® city Curbs and Separation Bars help you design your traffic and parking areas to be safe. When it comes to marking and enclosing medians and traffic islands, raising curbs, setting the boundaries of parking spaces and as speed bumps in multi-story parking garages and on parking lots, ELTECPUR® city Curbs and Separation Bars are the right choice.


Our ELTECPUR® city products are made of high-quality, eco-friendly rubber granules bonded with polyurethane, and thanks to their material properties, they are very resilient and gentle on vehicles upon impact.



Elastic curbs made of recycled rubber are versatile elements for guiding traffic.




  • Marking and enclosing of roundabouts and medians
  • Designing crossing aids/traffic islands
  • Securing and designing of roadway narrowing
  • For wheel guidance in parking garage entrances and exits (protects rims and tires)
  • As curb protection in tunnels and underpasses


Our ELTECPUR® city Curbstone is available in different versions. We have the right curb for your application: high (1000x100/80x100 mm) or flat (1000x100/80x60 mm), with or without reflective material. The curb with the reflective material can also be used as a wheel stop.


ELTECPUR® city Curb Elevation (1000x150x127 mm) made of rubber granules is suitable for clearly separating traffic zones. It can be used to effectively prevent wrongful parking on footpaths and cycle paths. The molded parts have reflective strips for better visibility and can also be used as separating elements, such as between the road and streetcar track. Our ELTECPUR® city Curb Elevation is available in black, red and green. Other colors are also available upon request.


Separation bars

Separation and marking bars are often used in traffic and parking areas to separate bicycle paths from sidewalks, to mark parking spaces and to designate restricted areas. ELTECPUR® city Separation Bars (1000x120x60 mm) are available in the colors black, red and green. They are also equipped with reflective strips. If desired, the separation bars can also be equipped with reflectors for increased night visibility.


All ELTECPUR® city products can be mounted easily and quickly using screws and rawlplugs. Depending on the intended use, additional bonding is recommended.


Your advantages at a glance:


  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Weather resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Water permeable
  • Quick and easy installation



ELTECPUR® city Curb

ELTECPUR® city Curb Elevation

ELTECPUR® city Separation Bar