ELTECPUR® industry

The material properties of our ELTECPUR® material make it a versatile product that can be used in the industrial sector as well. Its elasticity and impact resistance in particular, plus its durability and eco-friendliness all play a decisive role. ELTECPUR® industry Elastomer and Building Protection Mats prevent damage caused by pressure and friction between different construction elements in both structural and civil engineering, making our mats an inexpensive but very effective solution between sensitive components. Our ELTECPUR® industry Anti-Vibration Mat, laid underneath equipment and machinery, provides effective sound insulation by providing good separation in the event of vibrations. In addition, it prevents shifting caused by vibration. Our ELTECPUR® industry Non-Slip Mats help you to successfully secure your cargo during transport and loading. The use of our non-slip mats means that fewer tensioning belts are needed, enabling a smooth and fast loading process. Our product is also a useful safeguard for securing tools on a workbench or in a tool cabinet.




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