Playing is essential for children to develop and grow. Given the rapidly changing living conditions of urban structures, it is extremely important to create sufficient, child-friendly areas for play and experiences that foster children’s motor, creative and social skills. ELTECPUR® play Fall Protection Tiles make a contribution to children being able to develop and run around on playgrounds, while simultaneously protecting them from possible injuries caused by falls.

Whether they are installed under jungle gyms, slides, climbing structures, swings or seesaws, our ELTECPUR® play product range offers tested fall protection tiles in compliance with EN 1176-1:2017 and EN 1177:2018 for fall heights of up to 3.00 meters. ELTECPUR® play Ball Sports Flooring Tiles are ideal for all small ball play areas. The tiles offer very good ball rebound properties, while protecting the ligaments and joints thanks to high force reduction. We also provide elastic edges made of recycled rubber granules which offer more protection than concrete edges for sandboxes or for stabilizing the playing surface or playing area.



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