To ensure a long-lasting and stable area for your fall protection with tiles made of rubber granules, it is important for the surface to be properly enclosed. Edges made of recycled rubber granules not only fit perfectly into the playground surface, they also offer protection against falls and injuries thanks to their elastic properties.

ELTECPUR® play Beveled Edge and Corner Elements are very well suited for fall protection surfaces on load-bearing foundations such as concrete or asphalt. These edges are available in the same thicknesses as ELTECPUR® play Fall Protection Tiles. This prevents tripping hazards and the area can be easily accessed with a stroller, scooter or wheelchair. ELTECPUR® play Borders are ideally suited for a non-load-bearing foundation. These borders can be laid in the liquid concrete, providing a very stable border for your fall protection tiles. With ELTECPUR® play Palisade Posts, areas like flower beds and paths can be easily defined and enclosed. The rubber palisade posts are also suitable as sandbox borders. Thanks to ELTECPUR® play Angled Covers and ELTECPUR® play Edge Covers, existing concrete surfaces and edges can also be retrofitted. This softens concrete edges and provides a comfortable, quick-drying and insulating seating surface compared to concrete and wooden seating surfaces.