Fall Protection Tiles

In accordance with DIN EN 1177:2018 (determination of the critical fall height), shock-absorbing flooring systems are obligatory from a fall height of more than 60 centimeters. All systems installed on playgrounds open to the public must meet the criteria of the DIN standard. This also includes preschools and schools. ELTECPUR® play Fall Protection Tiles offer various systems of recycled rubber granule tiles for fall heights ranging from 0.80 to 3.00 meters. They are available in the standard colors of red, green, black and gray, or, in the EPDM version, in various other colors including blue, yellow, purple and pink. Our various edges, ball sports flooring tiles, steppers, motif tiles and number games, together with our extensive range of accessories, round off our product portfolio.

The following features distinguish our products:
• Accessibility
• Consistent fall protection
• Non-skid properties
• Easy on the joints
• Water permeability
• Weather resistance
• Frost resistance
• Eco-friendliness
• Cost-effectiveness
• Easy cleaning and care
• Quick and easy laying
• Durability
• Sustainability
• Low maintenance costs