Hopscotch & Hopping Games

ELTECPUR® play Hopscotch & Hopping Games

ELTECPUR® play Hopscotch Tiles consist of different number and letter tiles and offer additional possibilities for design and play. Our Hopscotch Tiles are available as sets for the German game versions Himmel und Hölle and Hinkepot. These games help develop motor skills, balance and stamina, and there are no limits to the creativity of the children when it comes to making up their own games. Thanks to the elastic nature of these playground tiles, the children’s joints are also protected, falls are cushioned and injuries are avoided. Tested according to DIN EN 1177:2008 [2018], these hopscotch tiles are suitable for critical fall heights of up to 1.40 meters. ELTECPUR® play Hopscotch Tiles are suitable for installation outdoors on bound and unbound foundations, as well as for installation indoors.
Different colors and motifs are available.
• green tiles with yellow numbers/letters
• red tiles with green numbers/letters
• black tiles with blue numbers/letters

The standard version of the Hopscotch Tiles is drilled four times and delivered with connectors.
Dimensions (mm) Thicknesses (mm) HIC value (m)
500x500 20 0.80
500x500 43 1.40

Other thicknesses available upon request

Your advantages at a glance:
• Consistent fall protection
• Consistent fall protection
• Non-skid properties
• Easy on the joints
• Eco-friendly
• Sustainable
• Durable
• Cost-effective
• Weather resistant
• Temperature resistant
• Quick and easy laying
• Easy cleaning and care
• Low maintenance costs