The various ELTECPUR® rail solutions have guaranteed a safe and durable interface between road and rail for almost 30 years. We always focus on ensuring the solutions are state-of-the-art and their eco-friendly nature is guaranteed.

ELTECPUR® rail Standard, Multipart and Seamless Track offer vibration protection and insulation for every track. In accordance with the planners’ requirements, we provide suitable and innovative special solutions. Our various ELTECPUR® rail Level Crossings have already proven their suitability for many years for streetcars, mainline railways and industrial and harbor railways. We incorporated numerous innovative ideas in the development of our new ELTECPUR® rail Multipart Level Crossing. In the process, we placed a special focus on taking the special requirements and specifications of track and road builders into consideration. As a trusted partner of Sika, we distribute the time-tested products of the ICOSIT® KC series throughout Germany. We also offer them as complete systems.

All of our ELTECPUR® rail systems are characterized by their easy installation, cost-effectiveness, innovation and eco-friendliness.



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