ELTECPUR® rail Connectors

Thermal expansion and shrinkage can cause the gaps between rail filling elements to widen. With our patented ELTECPUR® rail Connector, the individual rail filling elements are firmly connected to one another, so the gaps between the rail filling elements barely widen at very cold temperatures.

We recommend the use of ELTECPUR® rail Connectors especially when using joint-free systems in which the rail filling elements extend to the top of the rail and completely fill the joint. Our ELTECPUR® rail Rail Filling Elements have corresponding recesses at both ends for the ELTECPUR® rail Connector. One ELTECPUR® rail Connector connects two elements.

Depending on the rail filling elements used, the ELTECPUR® rail Connector is available in two different versions (narrow and wide).

ELTECPUR® rail Wide Connectors
ELTECPUR® rail Narrow Connectors