ELTECPUR® roof products and solutions help you provide protection and safety for your roof and on your roof. They are made of 100 percent recycled rubber granules, bonded with a polyurethane binder. ELTECPUR® roof Walkway Pads and Combination Walkway Pads are the ideal solution for maintenance and inspection pathways on flat roofs, as they do not damage the sensitive roof sealing. ELTECPUR® roof Base Mats are used as a protective and secure base for technical installations on flat roofs, such as mobile communication base stations, solar energy collectors, A/C systems, switch cabinets, etc. With ELTECPUR® roof Cable Ducts, high-frequency wireless cables and supply lines can be laid easily and safely on the roof. Use ELTECPUR® roof Route Markers to mark inspection routes and barriers on flat roofs and terraces.



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