Base Pads

ELTECPUR® roof Base Pads

ELTECPUR® roof Base Pads are used as a base to protect and secure technical installations such as mobile communication base stations, solar energy collectors, A/C systems, switch cabinets, etc. on flat roofs. The base pads are fitted with a screw thread and enable a fixed connection with the respective structure. The base pads are self-supporting and, owing to their weight, can be laid loosely on the roof. The installation is carried out under consideration of the prevailing wind loads.
ELTECPUR® roof SPF01 Base Pad is made of high-quality PU-bonded recycled rubber granules and is particularly robust. It is equipped with a hot-dip galvanized core of expanded metal for load distribution and an M20 threaded sleeve. If you are looking for a base pad for a larger and more substantial technical installation, this is the right choice.
Our SPB10 and SPB50 base pads are smaller and more flexible. Equipped with a high-quality concrete core and one screw thread (SPB10) or five screw threads (SPB50), they are ideally suited for providing small to medium-sized systems with a secure and solid base. The concrete core with screw thread also enables use of the base pads in a highly modular design.

Your advantages at a glance:
• Eco-friendly
• Sustainable
• Durable
• Cost-effective
• Weather resistant
• Temperature resistant
• Quick and easy installation
• Very stable
• Equipped with a screw thread

ELTECPUR® roof SPF01 Base Pad
ELTECPUR® roof SPB10 Base Pad
ELTECPUR® roof SPB50 Base Pad

ELTECPUR® roof base pad type SPF01
ELTECPUR® roof base pad type SPB10