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ELTECPUR® roof Cable Ducts

Resistance to pressure, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and elasticity characterize the ELTECPUR® roof Cable Duct and its accessories as a protective layer as defined by DIN 18195 Part 10. The elastomer moldings are resistant to aging, rotting and microbes, they are chemically neutral and resistant to chemical influences such as numerous diluted alkaline solutions and acids. The cable ducts are made of 100 percent recycled rubber granules, bonded with a polyurethane binder.

Our ELTECPUR® roof Cable Duct offers easy and safe laying of HF wireless cables, supply lines, etc. on flat roofs. It is made entirely of rubber and simultaneously ensures mechanical protection of seals and insulation. HF cables lie securely in the guide grooves, while being shielded from external mechanical influences. The cable duct is safe to step on and, depending on the type, has appropriate guides or grooves to accommodate 7/8", 1.1/4" and 1.5/8" cables. The low overall height of in some cases just 90 mm offers additional significant advantages. ELTECPUR® roof Cable Ducts are available in different widths. In the wide version (480 mm), the cable ducts can also be used as inspection pathways. Optionally, the cover can be treated with marking paint, which clearly identifies the inspection path.

The easy-to-handle cable ducts can be laid on the foundation in the simplest possible way. The 1,000 mm long sections are connected to one another using the plug-in sleeves provided. Elbows, T-pieces and ramps are also available and allow a variety of combinations and installation options.

Available versions of the ELTECPUR® roof Cable Ducts:

Channel width 480 mm

• KFB06 with 6 grooves for HF cable 7/8''
• KFB08 with 6 grooves for HF cable 1.1/4''
• KFB201 with 7 grooves for HF cable 7/8''
• KFB211 same as KFB210, but over a length of approx. 700 mm without middle guiding ridges

Channel width 300 mm

• KFB10 with 3 grooves for HF cable 1.5/8''
• KFB01 with 4 grooves for HF cable 7/8''
• KFB02 with 2 grooves for HF cable 7/8" and with 2 grooves for HF cable 1¼''
• KFB03 same as KFB01, but over a length of approx. 700 mm without middle guiding ridges
• KFB04 same as KFB02, but over a length of approx. 700 mm without middle guiding ridges
• KFB05 with 4 grooves for HF cable 1¼''

Channel width 220 mm

• KFB101 with 3 grooves for HF cable 7/8''

Elbows/T-pieces: If needed, we also supply the corresponding 45° and 90° elbows and T-pieces. Other angles are also possible depending on the site conditions.


ELTECPUR® roof Cable Ducts can be used on all foundations. Loose installation on bituminous sealing materials and bonding with a special adhesive are both possible (check your application). No plasticizer migration is expected from sealing membranes containing plasticizer up to +40 °C. To be on the safe side, if laid on these sealing membranes, we recommend installing a PP100 fiber fleece beforehand as a separating layer between the sealing membrane and the ELTECPUR® roof Elastomer Moldings.

ELTECPUR® VPP10 Fiber Fleece consists of polypropylene fibers that are resistant to aging, temperature and moisture.

On graveled roofs, the gravel must be pushed aside accordingly before installation and then filled back up to the cable duct after installation. The subsequent laying of the HF cables is easy. For example, an HF cable that has been prepared and cut to length beforehand can simply be unrolled directly into the respective groove. For connecting sleeves or the like at the transition to the BTS system, for example, we supply ducts that have no middle guide ridges over a length of approx. 700 mm to provide sufficient lateral space for the connecting elements.

Your advantages at a glance:

• Eco-friendly
• Sustainable
• Durable
• Cost-effective
• Weather resistant
• Temperature resistant
• Water permeable
• Drainage system on the underside
• Quick and easy installation
• Can be walked on if fitted with covers

ELTECPUR® roof Cable Duct
ELTECPUR® roof Cover