Walkway and Combination Walkway Pads

For inspection routes on flat roofs and reliable protection from damaging membranes and insulation, we have created an eco-friendly solution with our ELTECPUR® roof Walkway and Combination Walkway Pads. Depending on the wind loads occurring in the roof area and the anticipated loads, various systems can be used to design the inspection routes.

ELTECPUR® roof Walkway Pads

ELTECPUR® roof Walkways Pads with their plug-in system are made of PU-bonded recycled rubber granules, and are a high-quality and light alternative for installation on flat roofs (or in flat roof areas). The pads are not only easy to lay, they are also equipped with a drainage system that reliably drains rainwater, preventing accumulation.

ELTECPUR® roof Combination Walkway Pads

The ELTECPUR® roof Combination Walkway Pads are available in two versions, which differ mainly in terms of weight. The dead load of these two versions of the walkway pad has many advantages. The elements do not have to be additionally bonded, which allows quick and problem-free loose installation, taking into account the prevailing wind loads in the roof area.

Set up maintenance and inspection routes on your flat roof using our ELTECPUR® roof Walkway Pads and Combination Walkway Pads without damaging the sensitive roof membrane.

All ELTECPUR® roof Walkway Pads and Combination Walkway Pads are also available in our Signal version, for improved visibility and an increased signaling effect. The pads have a high-quality, UV-resistant EPDM top layer in yellow (RAL 1012).


ELTECPUR® roof Walkway Pads can be used on all foundations. Loose installation on bituminous sealing materials and bonding with a special adhesive are both possible (check your application). No plasticizer migration is expected from sealing membranes containing plasticizer up to +40 °C. To be on the safe side, if laid on these sealing membranes, we recommend installing a PP100 fiber fleece beforehand as a separating layer between the sealing membrane and the ELTECPUR® roof Elastomer Moldings. ELTECPUR® VPP10 Fiber Fleece consists of polypropylene fibers that are resistant to aging, temperature and moisture.
On graveled roofs, the gravel must be pushed aside accordingly before installation and then filled back up to the cable duct after installation.

Your advantages at a glance:

• Eco-friendly
• Sustainable
• Durable
• Cost-effective
• Weather resistant
• Temperature resistant
• Water permeable
• Drainage system on the underside
• Quick and easy installation

ELTECPUR® roof S1 Walkway Pad
ELTECPUR® roof B2 Combination Walkway Pad
ELTECPUR® roof B3 Combination Walkway Pad

ELTECPUR® roof Wegplatte Typ S1