Equestrian Facilities

ELTECPUR® sport Floor Coverings especially for indoor and outdoor riding facilities (tiles, mats, interlocking pavement) made of polyurethane-bonded rubber granules are a pioneering alternative product to conventional materials in stables and outdoor areas. In the stables, the mats and interlocking pavement elements offer the horses more natural comfort when standing and lying down, despite reduced bedding. They also considerably improve the stable climate when professionally laid and maintained. The special sound and heat insulation properties not only bring peace and quiet to the stable, they also keep the coldness of the ground away from the horses, preventing possible muscle and joint diseases.

The ELTECPUR® sport Wall Kick Protector protects horses from injuries when kicking the stable wall. The stall mats also reduce noise levels in stables.

ELTECPUR® sport products for equestrian facilities are:

• Easy on the joints
• Water permeable
• Frost-proof
• Non-slip
• Gentle on the hooves
• Sound-absorbent
• Protection from the coldness of the ground
• Easy to clean
• A possibility to reduce bedding
• Easy to install
• Extremely resistant
• Elastic
• Rot resistant
• Cost-effective