Walkway Tiles

ELTECPUR® sport Walkway Tiles

The ELTECPUR® sport Walkway Tiles can be used in many different ways. They have numerous advantages over conventional floor coverings.

The walkway tiles offer the appearance of pavement stones in a block or parquet floor pattern. This product is characterized by a high degree of walking comfort and is ideally suited for the design of outdoor and indoor footpaths both at riding facilities and at many other sports and recreational facilities. They are suitable, for example, for stable walkways, open stables and footpaths. Thanks to their elastic properties, ELTECPUR® sport Walkway Tiles protect from injury in the event of a fall, as they absorb part of the impact energy.

They are available in the standard colors of black, reddish brown and green. The color anthracite is available upon request.

Dimensions (mm) Thicknesses (mm)
1,000x500 20
1,000x500 30
1,000x500 40

Your advantages at a glance:

• Non-skid properties
• Easy on the joints
• Eco-friendly
• Sustainable
• Durable
• Cost-effective
• Weather resistant
• Temperature resistant
• Quick and easy laying
• Easy cleaning and care
• Low maintenance costs