Altero Elastic Tiles

ELTECPUR® sport Altero Elastic Tiles

Our products for the fitness sector are similar to our fall protection panels, but are compressed more densely, and are hard-wearing enough to meet the high demands of fitness centers. They can be used for cross-fit, equipment training or free weight training.

ELTECPUR® sport Altero Elastic Tiles prevent training equipment from slipping, and protect the floor underneath from the impact of the weights. They are also non-skid and easy on the joints. The sound-absorbing and vibration-reducing properties of our products offer even more advantages.

ELTECPUR® sport Altero Elastic Tiles can be installed indoors and outdoors, and offer reliable and low-maintenance protection for many years.

Usage examples
• Fitness center
• The free weights area
• Cardio and cross-fit
• Calisthenics
• Outdoor workout parks

Standard colors: Black, reddish brown, green

Special color: Anthracite

The standard version of the elastic tiles is drilled four times and delivered with connectors. In the size measuring 1,000 x 1,000 millimeters, the tiles have dummy joints on the top. The tiles can also be delivered without holes or connectors and without dummy joints (only applies to 1,000 x 1,000 mm) upon request.

Dimensions (mm) Thicknesses (mm)
500x500 20
500x500 40
500x500 50
1,000x1,000 20
1.000x1.000 40
1.000x1.000 50

Other thicknesses available upon request

Your advantages at a glance:

• Stability
• Elasticity
• Non-skid properties
• Easy on the joints
• Eco-friendly
• Sustainable
• Durable
• Cost-effective
• Weather resistant
• Temperature resistant
• Quick and easy laying
• Easy cleaning and care
• Low maintenance costs