Golf has become increasingly popular in recent years, but the first rules of the game date all the way back to 1717. At that time, sticks were used as clubs and pebbles as balls. Golf courses did not exist yet. The game was played on an open field or in dunes. Golf has been an Olympic discipline since 1900. The sport of golf promotes flexibility, coordination, strength, concentration and endurance. After all, a round of 18 holes involves walking approximately seven kilometers, and teeing off requires the use of over 100 muscles. Golf can be learned and played at any age. In addition to individual rankings, there are also various team competitions. This makes golf a very socially acceptable sport for the whole family, young and old. In our ELTECPUR® sport Golf product line, HET Elastomertechnik offers driving mats, ball dispensers, wedges and range targets in different sizes to equip driving ranges on golf courses.