Range Targets

ELTECPUR® sport Golf Range Target

Targets on the golf range are very helpful to improve the accuracy and consistency of your stroke. These are usually implemented as flags or poles. For the player, however, it is important to get feedback on whether or not the target has been hit; this is best for a sense of achievement.

So HET developed a simple and durable driving range target. Upon impact with the ball, distinct acoustic and visible signals are triggered. The acoustic signal can be switched off if desired.

The ELTECPUR® sport Range Target is offered for distances of 40, 60, 80 and 100 meters. The ELTECPUR® sport Range Target is easy to install, weatherproof and equipped with a long-life rechargeable battery.


Height 600/250 mm, Ø 900 mm
Height 1,000/250 mm, Ø 1,300 mm

The surface can be individually designed as desired, if the customer so chooses.

Your advantages at a glance:
• Innovative
• Eco-friendly
• Sustainable
• Durable
• Cost-effective
• Weather resistant
• Temperature resistant
• Quick and easy installation
• Easy cleaning and care
• Low maintenance costs