Are you looking for an integrated solution for a slab track system that is both innovative and versatile? Our TRAVETTO INPLACE-B Track System meets these criteria, and has many other advantages as well.


Your advantages at a glance:


  • Transparent, simple and fast system construction in a top-down design
  • The requirements for the accuracy of track layout, gauge and rail inclination can be easily controlled by using the track adjustment and formwork system.
  • Minimization of the measuring effort needed: For track installation, measurements can be taken directly on the rail and the track can be visually checked.
  • The position of the reinforcement cage and the formwork is automatically determined by using the formwork holders. The formwork itself is only mounted at the joints and otherwise placed in the correct position by the formwork clamping fixtures.
  • There is no need to pre-assemble individual parts of the INPLACE B rail bearing elements, as they are delivered pre-assembled.
  • The high degree of mechanization of the TRAVETTO track adjustment and formwork system plus the system installation in the top-down method allow the construction of INPLACE-B even without any previous knowledge of concrete construction or slab track construction.
  • INPLACE-B can also be implemented very cost-effectively during short stoppage periods. This is done by segmenting the tracks on site, pre-concreting them as a precast element (up to six meters long) and, after hardening, moving them to the construction site and laying them. The exact position of the track is determined by placing a concrete base under the previously adjusted track segments.
  • When the system is used as an elevated grassed track, with paving stone and turf stone coverings, with three-layer asphalt coverings or combined with top concrete and poured asphalt, our ELTECPUR® rail Rail Filling Elements ensure decoupling of the elastically supported track from the superstructure and a high degree of electrical insulation.