Are you looking for a slab track system especially for covered streetcar tracks? Our TRAVETTO  INPLACE-UTA Track System meets these expectations. With its new double rail bearing elements, it is based on the existing slab track construction method with a concrete support slab and two-block ties embedded in concrete. Construction is carried out using the top-down method. The double rail bearing elements secure both the track gauge and the rail inclination. No special paving equipment is needed.


Your advantages at a glance:


  • Exceptionally high bending rigidity of the double rail bearing elements through the use of particularly stable steel cross-ties between the rail supports
  • Better site handling, especially with pre-assembled track sections
  • Thanks to the high bending rigidity, there is no need for temporary stiffening between the rails, when lifting the track sections and when loading and unloading them from the transport vehicle.
  • Even when the track sections are raised, the track gauge of the double rail bearing elements does not change.
  • No additional measuring devices are needed during installation. Subsequent corrections are not necessary.
  • ELTECPUR® rail Rail Filling Elements especially adapted to INPLACE-UTA ensure a decoupling of the elastically supported track from the superstructure and a high electrical insulation.