You’re surrounded by our technology every day

Discover our comprehensive ELTECPUR® rail solutions
of elastic products made of recycled materials for rail traffic.

More mobility on the road.

Our customized comprehensive solution for streetcar tracks: TRAVETTO INPLACE-B and INPLACE-UTA Track Systems.


Have more fun playing.

You’re always on the safe side with our fall protection tiles from the ELTECPUR® play product range. Just see for yourself.

In sports, the journey itself is the destination.

Our products in the ELTECPUR® sport range offer you the right foundation for making maximum progress.

Sicher in der Höhe dank Elastomertechnik.

Working up on the roof: Discover the possibilities of our ELTECPUR® roof products.

Easily set boundaries in public areas.

Barrier elements and guidance systems are very helpful in urban settings. Our solution: ELTECPUR® city. Just see for yourself.


Occupational safety thanks to elastomer technology.

Anti-vibration, securing cargo, building protection: Discover the versatile products in our ELTECPUR® industry range.



Sustainable products for various applications: ELTECPUR® rail, play, sport, roof, industry and city. Plus the newly added TRAVETTO Track Systems

At HET, we let our creativity run free in a lot of different areas.

  • In our ELTECPUR® sport and ELTECPUR® play divisions, we develop products for the sports and recreation industry.
  • At our core division of ELTECPUR® rail, our technicians and engineers work on new level crossing solutions and innovative vibration-damping track systems for the rail transit and transport industry.
  • In the area of track construction, we offer our slab track systems INPLACE-B and INPLACE-UTA. We can even provide you with a complete system by combining them with our ELTECPUR® rail Rail Filling Elements and Level Crossing solutions.
  • The design and installation of technical systems on flat roofs impose high demands in many industries (such as mobile communications, construction, skilled crafts and metal). In addition to secure and stable mounting of equipment, protecting the sensitive roof membrane is crucial. In our ELTECPUR® roof division, you will find the corresponding products and solutions you need.
  • We also have products for industry and traffic safety, developed and produced in our ELTECPUR® industry and ELTECPUR® city divisions.