As a result of increasing urban traffic, safe traffic flows are absolutely essential. ELTECPUR® city Curbs and Separation Bars help you design your traffic and parking areas to be safe. When it comes to marking and enclosing medians and traffic islands, raising curbs, setting the boundaries of parking spaces and as speed bumps in multi-story parking garages and on parking lots, ELTECPUR® city Curbs and Separation Bars are the right choice. A lack of parking spaces is a major problem in many cities. This leads to vehicles parking in a disorderly manner, blocking pedestrian and bicycle paths, for example. ELTECPUR® city Bollards help you guide traffic. Our ELTECPUR® city products are made of high-quality, eco-friendly rubber granules bonded with polyurethane, and thanks to their material properties, they are very resilient and gentle to vehicles upon impact.