The properties of the ELTECPUR® material allow it to be used in many different ways. ELTECPUR® is permanently elastic with a very high impact resistance, and it is durable and eco-friendly as well. In the industrial sector, ELTECPUR® can be used to secure loads and transport, to protect sensitive building materials and to protect against vibrations. ELTECPUR® industry Elastomer and Building Protection Mats enable you to secure sensitive building materials easily and cost-effectively. Damage caused by pressure and friction between different components in structural and civil engineering can be prevented by using our building protection mats. Our ELTECPUR® industry Anti-Vibration Mat gives you cost-effective protection against vibrations, and can be used for example underneath washing machines. Our ELTECPUR® industry Non-Slip Mats make an important contribution to effective transport and load securing. Under pallets or between the cargo, they significantly increase the coefficient of friction, requiring fewer tension belts to secure the load.