Mobile Communication

Being able to move around safely up high, protection of flat roof construction and stable storage, plus easy installation and connection of technical superstructures such as mobile communication base stations and A/C technology present challenges for building owners, planners and operators. With ELTECPUR® roof Walkway Pads, maintenance and inspection routes can be implemented on flat roofs without damaging sensitive roof membranes. Our Walkway Combination Pads give you easy and quick protection against wind suction and are also not susceptible to slipping. We developed our ELTECPUR® roof Base Mats for installing technical systems (mobile communication base stations, solar energy collectors, A/C technology, etc.) on flat roofs without any problems and without damaging the sensitive roof insulation. Our ELTECPUR® roof Cable Ducts are the right solution for you when it comes to hooking up technical installations, especially mobile communication base stations.