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Discover our comprehensive ELTECPUR® rail solutions
of elastic products made of recycled materials for rail traffic.

More mobility on the road.

Our customized comprehensive solution for streetcar tracks: TRAVETTO INPLACE-B and INPLACE-UTA Track Systems.


Have more fun playing.

You’re always on the safe side with our fall protection tiles from the ELTECPUR® play product range. Just see for yourself.

In sports, the journey itself is the destination.

Our products in the ELTECPUR® sport range offer you the right foundation for making maximum progress.

Sicher in der Höhe dank Elastomertechnik.

Working up on the roof: Discover the possibilities of our ELTECPUR® roof products.

Easily set boundaries in public areas.

Barrier elements and guidance systems are very helpful in urban settings. Our solution: ELTECPUR® city. Just see for yourself.


Occupational safety thanks to elastomer technology.

Anti-vibration, securing cargo, building protection: Discover the versatile products in our ELTECPUR® industry range.


Increased safety and protection with elastomer technology

Safety and protection from injury are relevant issues in many areas in life. Whether it’s in public places, on private property or at a company, dangerous situations continue to arise. Our products made of rubber granules ensure reliable safety and contribute greatly to reducing the risk of injury. Our products have numerous positive properties in addition to providing protection, including being weather-resistant, robust, easy to clean, anti-skid, sound-absorbing, sustainable and eco-friendly. As experts in elastomer technology, we have been producing and selling elastic products made from recycled material for over 25 years. Our fields of application are: recreational and sports facilities, playgrounds, rail traffic, molded parts for industrial and construction plants, and safety engineering.

We have a solution for every challenge: On the following pages, we invite you to learn more about TRAVETTO systems and products and our ELTECPUR® systems and products and their possible applications.



From 24 to 27 September 2024, we will be in Berlin at InnoTrans, the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology, and will be showing our track construction products. We cordially invite you to visit us at booth 618 in hall 25.

Our level crossing type Multipart was demonstrated daily to a large international audience at our stand 410 at the International Trade Fair for Traffic Technology.